“Fred W. Loring and His Mule, ‘Evil Merodach,’ 48 Hours Before Death” Wins 2016 Winter Anthology Prize

My short story “Fred W. Loring and His Mule, ‘Evil Merodach,’ 48 Hours Before Death,” former winner of the Midwest Short Fiction Prize at The Laurel Review, has been selected by the poet Donna Stonecipher as the winner of the 2016 Winter Anthology Prize. This national prize includes online publication and an honorarium of $1,000.

You can read the story here!


The man and mule of the hour.

Founded in 2009, The Winter Anthology is an online “collection of contemporary literature informed by history and older art, as well as 21st century science and philosophy.”

Michael Rutherglen writes: “The project is a vehicle for writings that continue to privilege density, precision… sensitivity to the numinous. The editors contend that nowhere else in print or on the web can such a concentration of these particular values be found… writings collected in The Winter Anthology are neither sentimental atavisms nor naïve attempts at reconstruction. Rather, they are elegies for art and artists, some explicit, many more implicit…”

In addition to being my first national prize, this honor is especially appreciated as I am now expanding Mr. Loring’s story into a novel.

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